Local Growth Night Returns to OC February 3rd!

With January winding down and our new event officially in full effect in Los Angeles County, we will be returning to our long time home at 2nd Floor Bar, Grill and Gallery on Thursday February 3rd!

I've missed our extended family down on Main Street, Huntington Beach and I'm excited for us to make our triumphant return to where it all began! However, Local Growth Night will look bit different going into Twenty-22.

The City of Huntington Beach has removed our downstairs section on the street. This was neither 2nd Floors decision or mine, but a decision made by the city. In true Covid fashion, we are moving forward with the event but adapting to the circumstances. The event will be held entirely in the upstairs gallery, however we will still have banners, signage, balloons and the promoter directing people upstairs to shop.

While I was devastated at this news, our event was held strictly in the gallery for more than half our events last year and I'm working in conjunction with their social media team as well as surrounding businesses to make sure that there will not be any disruptions to the foot traffic.

If you signed up early and selected the downstairs, your space will be moved upstairs and upon check-in you given a credit to use in our shop, towards a membership or future events.

With challenges comes opportunities and I will be scouting new/additional locations to bring our events. If you have any questions or concerns about our upcoming events please feel free to comment below.

Registration for our Pop-Up Brewtique happening this coming Thursday at WingWalker Brewing in Monrovia is open, we still have a few spots left and you register by clicking here.

See you all soon!