Happy Birthday Local Growth Night

In April of last year my company, Tiny Forest Branding Co., hosted an event at 2nd Floor. At the end of the event the then manager pulled us aside and asked us if we would be interested in hosting some kind of business night. At the time we didn't really have an idea what we were doing or how to put a business night together or what we would offer but we had clients we were working with and recognized the need for something to bring the businesses in our community together, especially in the wake of Covid.

In May of 2021, we held our first "business night" (we hadn't named it yet). Inside 2nd Floor, a place where we would work and watched so much our business come to life 5 businesses came together to display or brands and discuss amongst ourselves the struggles we had faced over the last year. Our idea was for it to be a place to network and build connections. Over the next several weeks we received a flood of applications to join us and Local Growth Night as we no it today began to take shape.

Each week I am blown away by the love and support we get from the surrounding community. I've made countless friends, watched many businesses launch at my little event and seen businesses grow by leaps and bounds through the connections that are made and cultivated here -- I hope you will join me on Monday May 9th as we celebrate our 1st anniversary. While this event has grown and changed over the last 12 months I hope that each of you continue to come each week and grow with us.