Local Growth Night is the brainchild of entrepreneur Brittany Michelle from Tiny Forest Branding Co. Born in early 2021 in Orange County, California, the Tiny Forest team realized that the Covid-19 Pandemic had ravaged many small businesses and they set out to create a way for local Orange County brands and entrepreneurs to come together while showcasing their products and services to the surrounding community. ​

With their out of the box approach Local Growth Night fuses together classic business networking with modern pop up shops to bring you the ultimate opportunity to mix, mingle and put money directly back into your community. 

Choosing to partner strategically with venues, bars and breweries, some of the hardest hit businesses by the Covid-19 crisis to host their event, Local Growth Night brings in new and diverse clientele to some of their favorite spots in and around the greater Orange County area. 

In January 2022, Local Growth Night will expand into Los Angeles County to help even more businesses in Southern California to gain the exposure they deserve.

If you are a local small business, entrepreneur, artisan, podcaster/blogger, or online or brick & mortar shop owner looking to:

• Make meaningful business connections

• Sell your products or services to people in your community 

• Expand your social media reach 

• Market yourself and your brand in a new and fun way

• Enjoy good food, art and entertainment 

We would love to have you join us and help your brand grow!